Presentation of policy analysis: “EU Membership Candidate Status: Between Challenges and Weaknesses“

Foreign Policy Initiative BH, in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung BiH and Sarajevo Faculty of Political Science organized today, April 7 2016, a public presentation of policy analysis „EU Membership Candidate Status: Between Challenges and Weaknesses“ written by Osman Topčagić.

This analysis of former Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, eminent expert for the EU integration process and one of the architects of BiH diplomacy, presented the progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path towards the European Union and emphasized the next steps BiH needs to take in order to get the candidate status. Ambassador Topčagić skilfully and concisely detected and analized challenges and weaknesses which threaten this process and which cannot be taken for granted if the positive momentum towards achieving the ultimate goal – full-fledged membership of BiH in the European Union- wants to be achieved. Commentators of the analysis, PhD Nedžma Džananović Mirašćija and MA Adnan Ćerimagić, emphasized the relevance of the informative and educational dimension of the analysis, underlining that the author’s experiences and extensive knowledge of the subject matter give the analysis special importance and legitimacy.

The presentation was attended by representatives of media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, expects in the field of European integration, representatives of civil society organizations and international organizations. The focus of discussion which ensued after the presentation were questions and dilemmas related to establishing efficient and functional coordination mechanism and competences of the governmental bodies to answer to challenges which the new EU approach towards BiH and submission of application for EU membership carry with themselves.

Interview with Lejla Ramić-Mesihović: We are little ahead of Kosovo on our EU integration path

We bring the interview with Lejla Ramić-Mesihović, Foreign Policy Initiative BH director for N1 television

During yesterday’s press conference chairman of BiH Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdić spoke about the details of the adopted coordination mechanism.

BiH Council of Ministers adopted this mechanism on January 26, but the public was not informed about this.

Adoption of the coordination mechanism was one of two main conditions for the credible application for the EU membership. About coordination mechanism we spoke with Lejla Mesihović, director of Foreign Policy Initiative BH. Continue reading “Interview with Lejla Ramić-Mesihović: We are little ahead of Kosovo on our EU integration path”