The fourth meeting of the National Working Group (NWG) for Public Administration Reform (PAR) in BiH

The fourth meeting of the National Working Group (NWG) for Public Administration Reform (PAR) in BiH was held today in Sarajevo on 29. November 2018. The motive behind the meeting was the presentation of a comprehensive report on the state of public administration in BiH – State PAR Monitor 2017/2018. The report was written pursuant to a year-long research and monitoring of PAR within the scope of WeBER Project, the first regional civil society project monitoring this process in the Western Balkans. The report is available here (english), in local language here.

Vedrana Faladžić, from the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office (PARCO BiH) and Lejla Ramić Mesihović, Director of the Foreign Policy initiative BH (FPI BH) have discussed on what is the significance of monitoring of the public administration reform by the civil society.

The State PAR Monitor for BiH was presented by Ms Anida Šabanović, FPI BH researcher. After the presentation, there was a serious discussion in which many discussants took part. Along with the members of the civil society organizations who are members of the NWG, Mr Nedžib Delić, head of the PARCO Operative Unit, Elvira Mujkić, PAR expert, Davor Vuletić, President of the FPI BH Assembly, and Mr Bojan Kovačević  from the Business Development Agency EDA from Banja Luka.

This event has gathered representatives of civil society, public administration, media and PAR experts.

*NWG is a consultative mechanism within a ste between representatives of civil society and relevant state authorities in creation and monitoring of the PAR process in Western Balkan countries. NWGs were established in each of these countries as a part of a wider regional WeBER platform.


Cetvrti sastanak Državne radne grupe (DRG) za reformu javne uprave (RJU) u BiH