The brochure „A somewhat different manual for women political activism: And now that our Nail Polish Has Dried…“

On 12 November 2018, Foreign Policy initiative BH, within the scope of the Project dedicated to development of women negotiation skills, implemented with financial support of American Embassy in BiH, had organized a presentation of 13. The brochure is intended for women politicians and social activists in our country.

After spending three working cycles with women parliamentarians and political activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have noticed a need for creating a brief manual pertaining to the specifics of women active involvement in politics, and offer a brief elaboration of involvement through identifying main problems and offering solutions through adequate policies.

The author of this manual and the director of Foreign Policy Initiative BH, Ms. Lejla Ramić Mesihović, has stated how the desire and the and the intent to empower the women dealing with politics, or intend to do so in the future, were vital for the creation of this manual with the goal of offering a quality analysis of the context and the authors position on political activity.  The manual contains control lists stemming both from political theory and the authors own experience. A significant effort was invested to make them both be complementary with the text and for the text to be supplemented with the hints of concrete practical examples.  We hope that the content offered in this manual will help political activists and those who wish to become so to maximise the effects of their own work for the benefit of the society and creation of their own political capital.

Politicians and social activists that have attended the presentation have discussed the current political situation in BiH and the role and presence of women on political scene. They have found that manuals, such as this one, are something that every woman, who wishes to be a part of political and social changes in our country, needs to have.

From the peer reviews:

…I recognize a particular value of this Manual in the fact that in its concise and easy to read text, and the introspective and far-reaching questions, certain contents are revealed which are not intended solely for women who are active in politics, but also for those who contemplate a possible political involvement, as well as for those who, next to political involvement, recognize a dramatically different social context of women lives regardless of the field they are active in…

PhD. Ms.  Nedžma Džananović Miraščija

…the manual is full of questions for self-reflection recommended for women in politics in order for them to become aware of their own levels and sources of power.  By answering these questions, women in politics, could in fact, reach some uncomfortable, yet invaluable cognisance pertaining to their political position and activism. Women politicians are reminded of the “dominance techniques” that they, without a doubt, have experienced, but did not always know how to define their discriminatory nature.  The practicality of this Manual is seen in its concise form and telegraphic reminders of the methods for creating gender sensitive policies, as well as barriers encountered  in achieving them.  Control lists and illustrations presented in the Manual greatly contribute to the efficient usage of the text…

MSc. Nina Karađinović

Publikacija "Nešto drugačiji priručnik za ženski politički aktivizam: A sada kada nam se lak na noktima osušio..."