„Towards new Foreign Policy Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018-2023“

On 27 november 2018, Foreign Policy Initiative BH, in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung BiH has organized the presentation of political analysis Towards new Foreign Policy Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018-2023 by Davor Vuletić.

As pointed out by the author, mr. Davo Vuletić, this analysis endeavours to provide an overview of the Strategy, bring it to the attention of the public and thereby provoke a broader discussion on the matter. Furthermore, it will assess whether the new Strategy reflects the developments in international relations, geopolitics, regional dynamics, and the fulfilment of obligations accepted under the Stabilisations and Association Agreement (SAA) related to the European Union (EU) Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Finally, the brief will aim to assess if BiH used its experience in external affairs to produce a politically coherent foreign policy strategy that can meet the challenges of the next five years.

This presentation was envisaged as an introductory overview of this topic from the author’s point of view and to instigate a debate on the very Foreign Policy Strategy of BiH 2018-2023. The text of th Strategy is available in English on the English language version of the BiH Presidency home page: http://www.predsjednistvobih.ba/vanj/default.aspx?id=79555&langTag=en-US

Participants of th panel discssion for he presentation of the analysis were its author Davor Vuletić (FBI BH),  PhD. Prof. Slavo Kukić (sociologist), PhD. Nedžma Džananović Mirašćija (Faculty of Political Science) and Mr. Đorđe Tomić (political analyst), and Mr. Zlatko Dizdarević (FPI BH) The discussion will be moderated by Mr. Zlatko Dizdarević (FPI BH). In their discussion the panelists have underlined the conclusions that the goals of the new Strategy should be contributing to stability and security, protection of BiH ciziens and promotion of  Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world.

The presentation was be attended by representatives of the civil society organizations, academia, relevant institutions, embassies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, members of the academia and media.

„U susret novoj Strategiji vanjske politike Bosne i Hercegovine 2018.–2023“