Presentation of the analysis „Economic Development – Policies for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises“

This analysis underlines the potentials and limitations as well as proposes solutions and measures to improve competitiveness of small and medium enterprises. It was presented at the gathering on March 6th 2014 from 14:00 to 16:00 hours in the business centre UNITIC.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has not created institutional, legal and regulatory preconditions for providing support to the SME sector. At the state level, a number of cohesive institutions need to be put in place as well as the laws governing coordination of activities and merging of data. Unfortunately, the process of implementation and establishment of institutions has come to a halt. In BiH methods of allocation as well as allocated amounts differ across the entities. A lack of strategic direction in the allocation of funds, which are relatively low and dispersed across a large number of beneficiaries, is evident in both entities.

At the same time, political obstruction at the state level led to the situation in which the entities are adopting laws which are not harmonised, and attempts have been made to transpose the EU acquis. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are dozens of mostly non-harmonized laws governing entrepreneurship at all levels in BiH.

The presenter of the analysis was Ms. Danijela Martinović, Professor at the Faculty of Economy in Sarajevo; the author of the analysis. Other expert commentators included Mr. Igor Gavran from the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber and Mr. Damir Šaljić, economic analyst. The moderator of the discussion was Mr. Erol Mujanović, FPI BH expert. The presentation was organized within the scope of the project financed by Open Society Fund in BiH.