FPI BH Research Internship

Emir Velić

Emir Velić is a third-year student of International Relations and European Studies at the International Burch University. During his studies, he became familiar with the modern theories of international relations, and began expressing special interests in geopolitics and European integration. In cooperation with the Diplomacy Club of Burch University, he had opportunities to meet numerous officials of international organizations, as well as ambassadors of foreign countries. He believes that these experiences have helped him better understand global political trends, including the challenges that Bosnia and Herzegovina faces in conducting its foreign policy.

Hana Sarajlić

Hana Sarajlić is a master’s student of psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo. The major focus of her interest is the role of emotions versus rationality in the field of foreign policy theories. She is also interested in researching experimental and sociopsychological findings that explain the behavior of actors in the worlds politics such as NGOs, states and individuals. She hopes that her engagement in the field of researching the correlation between psychology and foreign policy would contribute to the acknowledgement of psychological theories in the realm of International relations.

Hata Kujraković

Hata Kujraković is an MSc student of European Affairs at Lund University, Sweden. She holds a BA in International Relations and European Studies from International Burch University, BiH. She has worked on various projects related to the improvement and promotion of human rights and advancement of knowledge in the sciences among students in BiH. Her interests are political processes in the EU. Hata is a Humanity in Action BiH fellow, where she also worked as a project assistant.