Implementing the “Youth and Security” Project

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In close cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aiming to promote and communicate Switzerland’s candidacy campaign for the United Nations Security Council (A Plus for Peace), Foreign Policy Initiative BH will be implementing a project “Youth and Security”. 

For the first time, Switzerland is a candidate for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council for a 2023-2024 period. One of the objectives of the project is to further discuss the role of Switzerland in BiH, alongside its potentially new status in the UNSC. Many young people are already familiar with the role of Embassy of Switzerland in BiH and thus, this project will establish and improve the communication between young people and experts or diplomatic representatives, while focusing on strengthening the rule of law and democracy through youth engagement.  

The project encompasses promotional activities for “A Plus for Peace” campaign among BiH youth and decision makers, by pursuing discussions on the values and potential role and influence of a small state in the UNSC, with a specific focus on the role of Switzerland. In addition, experiences of BiH as a non-permanent member of the UNSC will be discussed. 

The “Youth and Security” project acknowledges the strategic sector of cooperation in education and promotion of bilateral relations between BiH and Switzerland in terms of establishing a concrete position of Switzerland in the country. It will focus on promoting the status of Switzerland in peacebuilding efforts, and impact the empowerment of young people in BiH. 


Period: October-November 2021 
Donor: Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Project Implementer: Foreign Policy Initiative BH 
Contact person: Emina Kuhinja, Researcher –  

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