Young Professional Development Programme for MA and PhD Graduates

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From November 2016, Foreign Policy Initiative BH is implementing the project “Think Thank Young Professional Development Program for MA and PhD graduates” financed by the Open Society Think Tank Fund. The programme is for researchers with a PhD or MA degree in the social sciences and humanities from high-quality universities in the OECD countries who want to return to their country and assume posts in think thanks interested in attracting young staff.  MA and PhD graduates get an opportunity to work in think tanks in Central, Eastern or South Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and conduct policy research and gain advocacy experience at a renowned think tank in the region at mutual benefit of both researcher and the organization.


USD 6,700

Project aim

After the social unrest and the protests of 2014, the leaders of 14 main political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina have signed a commitment to the EU that they will support reform processes and work on implementation of plans set out in Reform Agenda. By August, 2015 the Reform Agenda was adopted by all three levels of government and in October of the same year and an action plan was drafted and adopted by the countries’ executive power, precisely the Council of Ministers. One year has passed since the adoption of the Reform Agenda and the main question is: What is the impact that the implementation of the Reform Agenda has had on Bosnia and Herzegovina so far? This is the main research question the analysis. The overall goal of the research report is to develop suggestions and recommendations for Bosnia and Herzegovina, based on an in depth analysis and evaluation of the present situation and progress in the implementation of the Reform Agenda.

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