Shaping and debating the future of EU

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Area: The main aim of the project was to initiate a discussion and debate in four European countries (Estonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Latvia) about the future of the European Union. The project countries were chosen to be 2 “new” member states of the EU (Estonia and Malta/Latvia), 1 recently joined member state of the EU (Croatia) and one EU membership candidate country (Bosnia and Herzegovina), representing also different regions of Europe. Project activities started in most of the countries in the spring of 2015 and continued until the year 2016.

The activities took place in each country on a national level, but also on local / regional level. In each location debates involved different stakeholder groups (policy makers, civil servants – but focusing on those groups who will be directly affected by the EU sectoral policies: youth, entrepreneurs, socially disadvantaged etc).

Partners:  Estonia: Jan Tonisson Institute. Croatia: European Education Forum (EEF). Latvia Biedriba “Solis Tuvak”.

Funding: Europe for Citizens programme. European Commission. Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

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