Monitoring of Public Administration Reform in Western Balkans

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Since December 2015 Foreign Policy Initiative BH implements three-year project “Western Balkans Enabling Project for Civil Society Monitoring of Public Administration Reform (WeBER)“.

The project is supported by the European Commission within „The Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2014-2015 – Support to Regional Thematic Networks of CSOs”, and in partnership with six organisations from the Western Balkans and Europe (European policy centre – Serbia, European Policy Institute – Macedonia, Institut Alternativa – Montenegro, Institute for Democracy and Mediation – Albania, Group for Legal and Political Studies – Kosovo and European Policy Centre – Belgium).

Web portal of WeBER project


EUR: 21,392,87

Project aim

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations and the media in the Western Balkans to participate in the creation and implementation of public administration reform. Civil society organisations have been recognized as important actors in creating public policy at national and regional levels, which is why the project seeks to strengthen its supervisory and consulting capabilities. Quality and analytical reporting by the media on the topic of public administration reform based on the arguments and evidence has an equally important role in these processes. Therefore, the project as another target group turns right media.

Info sheet about the project

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