Europeanisation Beyond Process

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In January 2019, FPI BH started implementing two-year long project “Europeanisation Beyond Process” in the framework of Think for Europe Network (TEN), supported by the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE).

Under this project, FPI BH, together with partners from TEN, will strengthen cooperation with renowned think tanks from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Finland, in order to improve the quality of communication on the EU enlargement in the broader framework of the forthcoming re-definition of the EU and its future. Our approach in this project is to advocate not for the plain EU accession but rather for the WB as an entirety that has been going through numerous improvements in the democratic governance and rule of law structures, improvement of the economic governance processes as well as ambitious reform agendas for public administration.

Apart from reaching out to the influential European capitals and engaging with the EU policy scene, TEN will, thanks to the support of this grant, conduct activities to improve our research, communication and advocacy skills. By further increasing our internal capacities, TEN ultimate goal is to make Western Balkan countries substantially involved in the debates and policy solutions pertinent to the future of Europe.

Period: January 2019 – January 2020
Donator: Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE)

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