Benchmarking for EU Reform – How Effective? BENCHER

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About the project

As part of the regional Think for Europe Network, consisting of six think tanks from the Western Balkans, Foreign Policy Initiative BH is implementing the project “Benchmarking for EU Reform – How Effective? BENCHER”. The project will last from January to December 2017. The project is financed by the European Fund for the Western Balkans, within the Think and Link regional programme.

Aim of the project:

The aim of the project is to explore the effectiveness of the EU benchmarking mechanism for the Western Balkans and to contribute to improving the benchmarking mechanisms as an impetus for EU related reform in the Western Balkans. The thematic areas are: EU integration, EU accession, effectiveness and benchmarking.

Furthermore, the project will contribute to sharing and transfer of knowledge and experience among the countries and improve regional cooperation of think tanks working on EU integration, taking into account that partners from all the countries in the region participate in the Project.

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