2015-2025 – Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU path

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In cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Sarajevo University Faculty of Political Science ,we organized the panel discussion “2015-2025: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU path”. The event was inspired by the discussion paper by Osman Topčagić, written with the aim to entice discussion and debate about the current process of European integrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the future of the Western Balkans countries.

Panel participants, Nedžma Džananović-Miraščija, assistant professor at the Faculty of Political Science Sarajevo, Svetlana Cenić, economic expert and Đorđe Tomić, senior assistant the Faculty of Political Science Banja Luka, underlined the need for structured and informed debates on this and similar topics in order for the public, and the key actors of the integration process, be more informed and make a substantive contribution.

Panelists also highlighted the importance of the separation of the reform processes from meddling of daily-political discourse so as to enable BiH to finally move forward with the stabilization and association process and do so for the well-being of all of its citizens, and not individual interests.

Discussion paper available here (only in local language) ⟶ 2015.-2025. – Evropski put Bosne i Hercegovine

2015.-2025. - Evropski put Bosne i Hercegovine