Presentation of analysis “Reform Processes: BiH in the Labyrinth of (self)imposed Expectations

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Foreign Policy Initiative BH organized today, June 14th 2017 in Sarajevo, the public presentation of analysis “Reform Processes: BiH in the Labyrinth of (self)imposed Expectations” by Igor Kosić.

The aim of the analysis, realized in the scope of the Young Professional Development Programme, financed by the Open Society Fund, was to demystify the process of achieving the goals from the Reform Agenda and provide with an objective overview of the situation which creates space for learning from previous lessons.

While commenting the analysis, Adnan Muminović, Political Economic Adviser in the Office of the EU Special Representative in BiH and Denisa Sarajlić, mentor on the analysis and President of FPI BH Assembly, highlighted the importance of the informative dimension of the analysis, which gives a unique and objective overview and evaluation of the progress BiH made in achieving the goals from the Agenda. Panel members underlined that one of the key problems in presenting the Agenda and its goals was the communication of the same with the wider public, during its drafting as well as during the implementation.

In the discussion which followed the presentation and comments were questions, dilemmas and different understanding about possible consequences of daily politics and blocking of the progress as well as the potential ending of Agenda’s implementation. It was pointed that the current stalemate in the implementation is the mirage of lack of determination by the government in ensuring the stability in the country and its progress towards EU membership. Even though the participants agreed that Reform Agenda was necessary in order to provide comprehensive and structured guidelines for the implementation of socio-economic reforms, numerous key social aspects were not taken into consideration which would ensure much visible progress in the implementation of reforms, both for the government and the wider public.

Read the analysis here (only available in Bosnian) ⟶ “Reform Processes: BiH in the Labyrinth of (self)imposed Expectations”

Predstavljanje analize "Reformski procesi: BiH u labirintu (samo)nametnutih očekivanja"