Call for Expression of Interest to join National Working Groups on PAR

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Foreign Policy Initiative BH (FPI BH) on behalf of the regional Think for Europe Network (TEN) and within the WeBER project, invites all interested civil society organisations (CSO) from Bosnia and Herzegovina to engage in establishing and subsequent work of the National Working Groups (NWGs) for monitoring public administration reform (PAR) in the Western Balkans.

National Working Group is a national consultative mechanism for participation of civil society in the dialogue with relevant public authorities on design and monitoring of  public administration reform (PAR) processes  in the Western Balkans (WB). NWGs are constituted in each of the WB countries as a part of the wider consultative mechanism for dialogue on PAR – WeBER Platform, established in Podgorica in November 2016.

NWGs ensure that the dialogue on PAR includes all levels of civil society engagement, through participation of locally based CSO which operate both at national and local level.

Membership in NWGs is open to all interested CSO. If you wish your organisation to become a member, please send us, on behalf of your organization, an Expression of Interest inclusive of brief description of the previous experiences of the organisation in the PAR area but also please fulfil the questionnaire related to assessment of the CSO needs in the respect of their participation in the PAR related processes (the link to the questionnaire is given within the Call). The Call for Expression is open until March 9, 2017!

Call for expression of interest

Annex to the Call: NWG Concept Note