Livno Field in the Light of EU Integrations

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As part of the project Support to the EU integration process of FBiH“ the presentation Livno field in the light of EU integrations with specific emphasis on the area of rich biological diversity, rural and regional development“ was held in Livno on 28 November 2016. The presentation was organized by Foreign Policy Initiative BH, Public Administration International and representatives of Canton 10 government.

During the presentation which was attended by representatives of cantonal government and municipalities of Livno field, Ivana Laginja, consultant and expert for sustainable development with emphasis on protected areas and Igor Kosic, representative of Foreign Policy Initiative BH presented the guidelines and recommendations for Livno field in the light of the EU integration process. The guidelines are the result of several months long engagement of experts with representatives of Canton 10.

“The aim of the presentation is to provide answers to questions troubling Canton 10 and me personally which for us means proclamation of Livno field and placing it on the RAMSAR protected areas list as well as other activities which are being done in BiH and the Federation and which are related to protected areas”, the Prime Minister concluded.

Livanjsko polje u svjetlu EU integracija