Presentation of policy analysis: “Iran and the Middle East – Perspectives Resting on Old Premises”

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Foreign Policy Initiative BH, in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung BiH and University of Sarajevo’s Faculty of Political Science organized the presentation of policy analysis “Iran and the Middle East – Perspectives Resting on Old Premises” by Hajrudin Somun on 31 October 2016.

This analysis by the former Yugoslav diplomat and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s diplomat, as well as the established expert for issues relating to the Middle East presented the current positioning of Iran to the countries in the region and international actors as well as the influence of culture and policies of Iran and the Middle East to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ambassador Somun skilfully analyzed the challenges and weaknesses of the approaches and interventions by the international community and global actors to the development of the current situation in the Middle East.

The commentators, PhD Sead Turčalo from the Faculty of Political Science and Mr Saied Adepour from Ibn Sina Institute underlined the importance of the informative and educational dimension of this policy analysis and stressed the author’s experience and knowledge of the analyzed issues which gives the analysis credibility and legitimacy.

The core of the discussion which ensued after the presentation and comments were questions, dilemmas and opposing views and interpretations with possible consequences of the development of the situation in the Middle East as well as the potential reprecussion on the Balkans.

“Iran and the Middle East – Perspectives Resting on Old Premises”

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