FPI BH Statement on the Decision of Acceptance of BiH’s EU Membership Application

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Foreign Policy Initiative BH welcomes today’s decision on the acceptance of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU membership application. This is a victory of the European vision of BiH, but there is no room for euphoria.

We believe this decision is a turning point where we must move from a declarative consensus about the EU integration process to a working one. We now have the opportunity to test both the reached decisions and the coordination mechanism as well as the overall administrative apparatus because answering the EU Questionnaire is the first challenge.

We should not forget that the EU expects BiH to fully implement the decision of the European Court for Human Rights without which BiH will not receive the candidate status. This is the best and most concrete way for the entire administrative and political establishment to fulfill what more than 70% of BiH citizens and all three constituent peoples want: EU membership.

Today’s decision also justifies our requests for the new EU approach towards BiH which resulted from the German-British initiative and which brought to the specification of the conditions.