Coordination Mechanism – Coordinating the Possible

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Why does BiH need coordination mechanism? Is it because the existing is not functioning or because the fragmented political system needs to be made more coherent when communicating with Brussels? When talking about BiH coordination mechanism, the primary coordination in mind is the one between different levels of government in BiH, the entities and Brčko District. Due to the specificity of the topic, the coordination mechanism in BiH Federation (FBiH) needs to be taken into account. The existing narrative about coordination mechanism is highly politicized, and the public believes that the problem is in some complicated constitutional and legal issues, after the adoption of which, no matter its form, there can only be winners and losers.

With an argumented and concrete approach, this analysis aims to contribute to the change of the existing narrative about coordination mechanism. It is written for those who wish to understand coordination mechanism and it does not subscribe to any specific form of the mechanism for FBiH.

*text of the analysis only available in local language

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