Round table: „ERASMUS for entrepreneurs and in BiH?“

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Lejla Ramić-Mesihović, Foreign Policy Initiative BH director, was one of the speaker of the Round table „ERASMUS for entrepreneurs and in BiH?“ organized by Fondacija 787 and BiH Foreign Trade Chamber. The event was organized as part of of „Startup Europe Week“ marked from 01-05 February 2016 in 350 different regions throughout Europe and financed by the European Commission.

The programme „ERASMUS for Entrepreneurs“, significant both for the business community and start-ups, was presented in BiH Foreign Trade Chamber. If BiH was to take part in this programme, it would enable its entrepreneurs to visit companies in Europe, participate in their work and apply good practices to their business which could be developed in BiH. The programme would increase the knowledge of entrepreneurs and would enable cross border exchange of experience and knowledge between entrepreneurs.

The aim of the event was for government officials, entrepreneurs, representatives of academic community and civil society exchange views about numerous advantages of this programme and share opinions about the ways to advocate for the programme. Bruno Bojić, president of BiH Foreign Trade Chamber BiH, Dragan Milović from the Ministry for Trade and Economic Relations and Dajana Džindo, executive director of Fondacija 787 addressed the attendees.