Seminar for the Staff of the General Secretariat of the FBiH Government

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Foreign Policy Initiative has organized a Seminar for the Staff of the General Secretariat of the FBiH Government, which was held from 09-10. September 2013 n the Hotel Garden city in Konjic. The Seminar was held within the scope of the project entitled Building Structures and Capacities of the FBiH Government for the EU which is implemented with the financial support of the British Embassy in Sarajevo.

The goal of this seminar was to provide a more detailed insight in relevant issues of the European integration process, Enlargement policy, EU decision making processes as well as the experiences of the countries in the region.

The lecturers on this two day seminar were:

Gđa. Tanja Miščević, Professor from Faculty of Political Science of University in Belgrade and Head of the Republic of Serbia Negotiation Team with the EU held lectures on topics: „Legal framework of Stabilization and Association process“ and „Preparations for negotiating with the EU – Experiences of the Republic of Serbia.“
Mr. Amer Kapetanović, Assistant Minister, Bilateral Relations Division, BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented the FPI BH analysis „EU – Croatia – BiH: How ten years fit into one“.

Ms. Ružica Gelo, Member of the Republic of Croatia’s Negotiating Team with the EU and chief negotiator for Acquis Chapters: 11. Agriculture and rural development, 12. Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy, 13. Fisheries and 28. Consumer and health protection
Mr. Sejad Mačkić, Director of the BiH Food Safety Agency spoke of food safety in BiH – harmonization with the EU standards viewed through the prism of work of the BiH Food Safety Agency.