Statement by the Foreign Policy Initiative BH media on the occasion of the latest progress reports on BiH

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According to all the announcements, BiH Progress that the European Commission will present tomorrow, it will be one of the worst that BiH has so far received, because Bosnia has violated the Interim Agreement, and we did not create the conditions for the entry into force of the Stabilisation and Association ratified by all 27 member states of the European Union.

Progress Report will note the problem in the process of EU integration, both technically and essential level, and it is high time to understand it with a large dose of seriousness. The House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly this report should even be paid to the extraordinary session. Parliament would also need to draw some conclusions and recommendations for BiH institutions that are recognized in the chain of responsibility, to devise an action plan to unfreeze the Agreement on Stabilization and Association Agreement, and urgently address the remaining requirements for the submission of applications for EU membership by the end of the year. This would show that domestic institutions are worthy partner in the intentions of the EU Delegation and the European Commission that the current crisis in Bosnia exploit an opportunity.