Our team

Lejla Ramić-Mesihović
Executive Director
Lejla has obtained a master degree in the field of Diplomacy at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo. Currently she is involved in the Doctoral program at the Faculty of business and administration at the International University of Sarajevo. For 15 years she had been working for the EU Delegation in BiH and afterwards for the EU Special Representative's Office in BiH (EUSR). During her rather rich professional experience, Lejla used to work as a journalist, senior consultant and project manager on various projects and initiatives supported by the International Community in BiH.
Denisa Sarajlić
Senior Researcher
Denisa Sarajlić holds a PhD degree in European Studies from Bath University, Great Britain. She has a degree in Politology from Wolverhampton University and an MA degree in Diplomacy from Westminster University in Great Britain. From 2012-2015 she was Deputy Minister of Civil Affairs in BiH Council of Ministers. Before that, she was Director of FPI BH. Denisa has rich experience in consultancy and has published several academic papers, political analyses and texts related to European integration process, international relations and foreign policy and the role of international community in BiH. She led numerous research and research projects and has published several studies in BiH and abroad.
Anida Šabanović
Graduated from Faculty of Economics in Zenica. Anida is currently writing her MA thesis. She has experience in drafting policies related to gender equality, and has cooperated with non-governmental organization involved in promotion and protection of women’s rights. From May 2016, Anida is working in Foreign Policy Initiative as researcher on the project “Monitoring of Public Administration Reform in Western Balkans” (WeBER).
Ana Bukovac-Vuletić

Graduated English Language and Literature at University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy. Holds Masters degree in European Studies from Centre of Interdisciplinary Studies of University of Sarajevo, thus academically profiling in specific area of food safety. Her previous employments include working in the education, journalism and NGO sectors, as well as working as a freelance interpreter. Joined Foreign Policy Initiative BH (FPI BH) in 2009. Since then she has performed the tasks of Office Manager, Chief Administrator, Technical Assistant and Project Manager. She works on projects dealing with European integration, policy creation, capacity building of government institutions, fight against corruption, promotion of human rights and women’s rights. She is one of the in-house researchers working on project creation and development. 

Igor Kosić
Igor holds an MSc degree in Environmental Technology and International Affairs from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and Vienna University of Technology. In 2012 he completed his BA studies in Management at a joint double-degree programme between Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo and Griffith College Dublin. He has a vast experience in research work related to variety of topics including sustainable development, international relations and EU conformation and accession procedures. He has been working at the FPI BH since September 2016.